Personal Assistance

Need an extra hand? We offer you Personal Assistance?

At MoMo’s we can help you with things like:personal assistance image

  • Clerical – scheduling, implementing filing systems, banking, data entry, daily money management (bill paying), tax preparation, mail sorting, correspondence and mailing list and contact maintenance(thank you, birthdays and anniversaries, holiday), Notary Service and digital conversion of media. This is also useful if you have a senior family member who might need assistance with these same sorts of items.
  • Grocery and gift shopping (including online)
  • Event/party planning and light holiday decorating and gift wrapping
  • Service and/or repair calls – appliance repair persons, cable/internet providers, utility personnel. We can be “your person”.
  • Relocation Services (Moving Assistance) – packing and unpacking, utility discontinuation and/or connection.
  • Transportation and Errand Services – need a ride to the airport, work, escort you or a family member to a doctor appointment, or drop off or pick you up for automotive repair shops for service.  We offer courier and delivery service that is more personalized than UPS or FedEx.  How about the trips to the pharmacy, library, flower delivery, dry-cleaning, post office and/or returning packages. Perhaps a hardware or paint store run.  Meal pick-up/delivery is great for families where both parents work or for seniors who might not get around as easily.

If you think it is something with which you may need help, give us a call.

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