Household Management

Have you heard of a household manager? 

If not, look what Momo’s Concierge Services can do for you and your household household managementmanagment!

  • Meal planning and Personal Chef services – don’t have time to plan out well balanced meals, get the shopping done, and the meals prepared? No worries. Momo’s Household management option can help you. We also have a Personal Chef who will come to your home and prepare meals in advance for you at an interval of your choice.
  • Housekeeping– everyone loves coming home to the fresh smell of a newly cleaned home, or climbing into a bed with just washed sheets. Our Household Management package can include things like changing linens, laundry and ironing, or taking out the garbage. Just let us know how we can help.
  • Home Organization – does your cabinet contain 6 cans of non-stick spray because you keep buying one every time you shop? Our Household Management package includes services like organizing your kitchen cabinets and/or pantry, closet organization, basement or garage cleanouts. If you dread opening a door to any space in your home, call us.
  • House sitting – If you travel for pleasure or because of job requirements, you may need someone to watch after things at your home or apartment. Momo’s Household Management services include items such as bringing in the mail, rotate lighting, bring in/take out trash cans, and watering plants. We can even prepare your house for that warm, welcome home feel upon your return. Call us before the next time you travel.
  • Pet Services – include things like dog-walking, pet-sitting, grooming, animal waste removal, pet taxi, and veterinarian visits.
  • Car Service – if you need a spare set of wheels, perhaps you are picking up your new recreational vehicle and need a ride there. Or maybe you have already hired us to house sit for you while you are away, but now you need a ride to or from the airport, we can help.

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